The force of flexibility

How can you profit from AMS sales force services?


Services availlable in Germany, Austria and Switzerland


Filling vacancies

Use the ongoing recruitment process and our lengthy experience of hiring reps to fill your vacancies. Sign up the AMS Sales Representatives at the end of their initial service period - having already tested that they are successful and fit your company.


Temporary increase in field force capacity

Need a short-term boost to your presence in the marketplace, e.g. for a product launch?

AMS provides you with extra capacity, right up to a full exclusive sales force.


Good-value detailing slots for your additional needs

Want a value-for-money improvement to the performance of a non-detailed product? Need a temporary increase in detailing without reducing the capacity behind your main product promotion?

AMS offers you a choice of detailing levels by a syndicated sales force.


Turning fixed costs into variable with a flexible headcount

Low fixed personnel costs for reps - how does that work?

By constantly varying the proportion of AMS reps in your sales force, you can keep team size and personnel costs flexible - and easily match them to changing situations in the market.


Test market evaluation with AMS pilot teams

Tap into additional market opportunities without tying down your own sales force capacity.

We provide you with an exclusive task force, managed by you or AMS.


Performance boost for your sales areas with potential

You know what our sales areas can really achieve. Want to boost performance there, or accelerate a turn-around?

Then top up capacity with AMS reps. And give your sales climb an extra lift!


Step up untapped sales potential and keep costs down

Does your range include products that are no longer detailed, but whose therapeutic value puts them ahead of the market average?

AMS will promote them for you with a designated sales force, financed by turnover share.