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AMS Recruiting is a service of AMS Advanced Medical Services with which we have successfully been supporting companies in the healthcare sector by recruiting specialists and executives for over 25 years.

Why should you hire AMS to handle your staff recruitment:

Webqualität gekauftes Bild time is money


Find your new employees faster

  • Because of our good networking, we quickly reach many suitable candidates. This saves you several weeks of time compared to your self-organized application process.
  • Our experienced recruiters make a preliminary selection and only pass on applications that match your requirements profile.
  • With us, you can also reach candidates who are not actively looking for a job. (AI-supported candidate search/active sourcing)




Easy and simple:

  • You can send us an email with your contact details and the subject "Recruitment support" to:
  • We will inquire about your needs and create your personal offer.
  • As soon as we receive the order, we will start our search for your employees.


Do you have any questions? - We are here for you personally!


Kerstin Terhalle - Tel.: 0621 700 95 221

Andreas Brandl - Tel.: 0621 700 95 253