EUnetHTA Open Call for Early Dialogue Requests

eunethta open call

EUnetHTA’s Joint Action 3 has been prolonged to May 31, 2021. After a temporary suspension of Early Dialogues (ED) due to the current pandemic situation, ED activities will restart in September 2020. To fill the last 8 slots available for Parallel Consultations and Multi-HTA EDs, EUnetHTA started an Open Call for ED requests from July 3 to August 15, 2020. Use this opportunity for an early simultaneous exchange with EMA and HTA bodies! The AMS Medical Science Team is the ideal partner to accompany you through this process. At any stage of an ED you benefit from our detailed understanding of the documents, procedures and timelines ( More information on Parallel Consultation). Right from the introduction of the German G-BA early advice, we have prepared requests for consultation and provided strategic consultancy regarding this process. Through supporting our clients in numerous scientific advice procedures on a national and European level, we have an important insight into the respective requirements and the mindset of the authorities involved.

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