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  • During your project your PM-team will proactively communicate with you and your team, providing solutions for project challenges. When working with AMS  you will typically have two active Project Managers. This concept has been provided by AMS  for many years, has demonstrated exceptional responsiveness values, and contributes to the conduction of a successful project. In the end this all contributes to robust budgets, quality and timelines.
  • Your AMS  Project Managers will closely collaborate with you and your team for coordination of all project related tasks, provide a robust plan for the project progress and associated timelines, and provide modern techniques, such as EDC-derived Management Reports, collaboration platforms, document management systems
  • The central AMS  Clinical Trial Administration team will take care of all aspects of project administration and serve as assistants to the PM-team. The Project Administration team will operate Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS), set-up and administer the Trial Master File (eTMF), arrange supply management, provide investigator helplines, and operate site payments.
  • CRO Benchmarking evaluations have repeatedly confirmed AMS  -teams kept 100% of timelines under their control.



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